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The Future of Health Care Marketing – Healthcare 360 Degree Virtual Tours

July 27th, 2012
Click to view the Healthcare Virtual Tour by Spinatour

Healthcare Virtual Tour by Spinatour

Spinatour Virtual Tour Company is proud to announce the completion of its latest stunning virtual tour for Riverton Memorial Hospital located in Riverton, WY.  This virtual tour was commissioned by the marketing department at Riverton Memorial as a tool for patient education and navigation, as well as for physician and other specialist recruiting.

The virtual tour photography was shot by Spinatour photographers who traveled to Riveton, WY in late 2011.   Our virtual tour programmers created 3 separate virtual tour interfaces for Riverton.  One version for flash capable devices, and two versions for HTML5 iOS devices, specifically iPhone and iPad.  The HTML5 virtual tour versions for iOS Devices take advantage of the device’s gyroscope allowing the user to simply move their iPhone/iPad in the direction that they would like to view.  Since all Spinatour Virtual Tours are full 360 degree virtual tours – the user can even look straight up in the air by holding their device over their head!  This virtual tour is also programmed to take advantage of QR bar-code technology allowing individuals convenient access to the tour from printed marketing materials or signage located inside the Riverton Facility.

Please take a minute and take this health care virutal tour for a spin!  Let us know what you think.

 This  Health Care Virtual Tour Features:

  • Full HD 360 Degree Photography
  • Flash Programming with Multi-Resolution Smart Loading Technology
  • Primary Navigation through the use of a hospital floor-plan
  • Secondary Navigation through Intra-scene Arrows
  • Virtual Tour Narration for each 360 degree scene using in-house voice talent!
  • HTML5 Virtual Tour programming with iOS device recognition
  • Integrated php programming allowing the virtual tour to load either flash or html5 depending on visitor device type
  • Integrated Google Analytics with ongoing automatic visitor reports and Administrator Access
  • QR Bar-code Technology utilizing URL shortening service (below)
QR Barcode for Riverton Memorial Virtual Tour by Spinatour

QR Barcode for Riverton Memorial Virtual Tour by Spinatour







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