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September 28th, 2011

Here is our latest step toward a new silo and industry: HOSPITALS! We recently have had a great response, from several hospitals, to our product. Their response drove us to produce today’s featured tour. This tour provides our sales team with a great tool to approach other hospitals. The strength of this tour is found in its ability to be generic which allows the customers to vision their specific hospital in the virtual realm. Hospitals use virtual tours to acquaint their patients with the surgery room they will be using; helping to relieve patient anxiety before a major operation.

This tour is innovative, descriptive, and is exactly what any virtual tour enthusiast should have in their arsenal of great tours! On the heels of the tour’s production we are flying all the way to Wyoming to shoot a hospital and have our sites set on a few hospitals in Virginia! We are staying active at Spinatour and have a busy few months ahead; keep your eyes peeled for new, state-of-the-art, amazing 360 degree high definition tours coming your way!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Remember: Only 4 more days until the weekend! Spin safely my friends!

Click here to view our healthcare tour sample »

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